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ATTO gives you the freedom to go anywhere you desire


The only mobility scooter that goes from full size to compact in seconds!



Fits easily into any overhead or car boot/ trunk storage compartment




Approved and permitted for use as a trolley suitcase size 

Split Mode

Why choose the ATTO?

Incomparable attention to detail

The ATTO is approved by the US FDA, CE and meets the European and Israeli standards institute standard for quality. The ATTO features a proprietary motor and braking system for optimal safety, as well as a 48 Volt lithium battery with a 20 km range.

Take it anywhere!

You will not believe how compact the ATTO can get!  In its compact mode, the ATTO fits easily into any closet or car trunk. You can also easily split the ATTO to create 2 light weight segments that are conveniently carried and stored. It’s small enough to take right onto the plane with you as a trolley suitcase and its lithium battery is flight approved!


Uncompromising reliability

ATTO was developed from the ground-up with a focus on the small details that enhance user experience and convenience. The ATTO comes complete with a multi-use USB port, a designated space for storing a large bag or suitcase and an adjustable comfortable seat.

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Feel the difference

The ATTO is as light and as trendy as any recreational scooter! Its unmatched stylish design ensures you are always looking sharp!



Winning Israeli Technology

The ATTO was developed in Israel, by Nino Ransenberg, a serial entrepreneur and Polio survivor who needed a mobility solution that he can take anywhere and onto his frequent flights. Our Israeli-based support team is standing by to meet your every need at all times. 

Right for you!

Step up your ATTO experience with our growing line of dedicated unique accessories, like the arm rests and the crutch holder. 

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